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Saturday, October 24, 2015

How much sleep do you get?

It seems like everyone complains about being tired these days. It is most common for teens ages 15-17 to feel fatigued. Scientists recommend that teenagers ages 15-17 get 8-10 hours a sleep each night. This is not an easy task with school work, extracurriculars, and added distractions such as technology. A study done by University of Michigan showed that in 1999 43% of teenagers report getting a maximum of seven hours each night. Whereas in 2012 an even smaller number of teens (24%) reported getting only seven hours of sleep. An even more interesting statistic is that the groups that got the least amount of sleep were girls and non-whites. This shows that the majority aren't getting enough sleep and this can impact many aspects of their lives.
Sleep deprivation can result in serious conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. The more commonly seen impacts of insufficient sleep are feelings of depression, forgetfulness, stress, and decreased alertness. It is important that teenagers are getting enough sleep so they can keep up in school and live a good life. Some say that schools need to re-asses the amount of homework they are giving to improve the health of the students. In addition, schools should consider having classes start later in the day.  I can attest to being tired and less homework would definitely benefit a large portion of students. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cubs For The Win

The Cubs proved they are worthy of going to the postseason in their wildcard game October 7th against the Pirates. With a score of 4-0, the Cubs dominated the Pirates. Jake Arrieta succeeded in pitching all nine innings without a single run scored. Chicago fans were ecstatic after watching the exciting game. It wasn’t just a regular game, emotions were everywhere. At one point during the game, the bench was emptied, chokeholds were applied, and gatorade coolers were punched.
Anger flared between the two teams after Cubs star pitcher, Jake Arrieta,  was hit with a ball, in a situation which seemed purposeful. Both of the dugouts cleared as all of the players rushed to stand up for their teammates. It was a sight that caused a roar through all of the fans in the stadium. In a post-game interview, Jon Lester said, “ You don’t see that stuff happen in playoff baseball too much.” But it was clear that the tension was high throughout the entire game. Prior to the fight, Arieta managed to hit two of the Pirates batters with pitches, so it is clear that when he was hit with the ball it was for pay-back. At one point during the fight, David Ross actually grabbed the throat of Sean Rodriguez who threw a punch and  was eventually ejected from the game. Rodriguez attempted to release his anger with several punches at a gatorade cooler which did nothing but keep him hydrated during the game!

The Cubs will do anything for their teammates, especially Arrieta. Arrieta has proven his skills by pitching no runs in the last three weeks in addition to a four hit shut-out against the Pirates.  The Cubs overall played well and hopefully will continue the good work in their upcoming series with the Cardinals. The Cubs have the ability to beat the Cardinals, let’s see what happens!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The New Normal

In recent years, the number of mass killings have been increasing rapidly. While reading the news, you see an article about a killing almost always. What can be done to end this trend?

Scientists found that 20% - 30% of killings are set off by other killings that have taken place. These people base their actions off of the terrible actions of others. These attacks are becoming more and more common in the U.S. and something needs to be done. According to researchers at Arizona State University, mass killings occur about every two weeks and school killings once a month. Attacks such as these are more common in states with higher percentages of gun owners. The problem is how to bring these trends to an end.

The long debate over gun-control is on-going and has caused conflict nation wide. Everyone has their own opinion on what should be done and there appears to be no clear answer. A recent shooting took place at a school in Oregon and left nine dead. Police found that their were fourteen firearms legally owned by the shooter and his family members. This raises concerns that background checks are not thorough enough and that this man should not have been able to gain access to such weapons. Something needs to be done to stop tragic events like this from happening. The government needs to take action against mass shootings and find a solution to this growing problem.