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Monday, November 16, 2015

Disaster in Paris

On the 13th ISIS launched an attack on Paris that left 129 dead and 352 wounded. These terrorist attacks took place in six different locations. The bombs were released outside of the Stade de France in a game against Germany. In addition, the attackers terrorized those in a concert hall and at least two restaurants. The police are taking the attack very seriously and have taken in many suspects for serious questioning.
Terrorism has been reaching new extremes recently and something needs to be done to end the War on Terrorism. Following the attack, France is boosting their nation's security by improving their war technology and increasing their number of soldiers, similar actions should be done all around the world to prevent similar tragic events from happening. President Holland of France said, “Terrorism will not destroy France, because France will destroy it." This is a strong statement that is hopefully truthful.
ISIS has threatened the United States following what they see as a successful attack. In a video released Monday an ISIS fighter exclaimed, “I swear to God, as we struck France in its stronghold Paris, we will strike America in its stronghold, Washington." This statement has caused large amounts of stress for the United States, and the government is taking this threat very seriously. Actions are taking place in order to handle the situation and hopefully prepare for it the best we can.

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