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Monday, December 14, 2015

Final: Trump Towering Over Competitors

In the presidential campaign, the candidate who has received the most attention is Donald Trump. Trump is definitely a nonconformist when it comes to politics. A standard politician will say what the people want to hear and portray themselves in a way to increase the number of votes that they will receive. In contrast, Donald Trump seems to have no filter and says whatever he wants. Trump does not conform to the model of a typical politician. He has a different approach to the campaign, gaining as much publicity as possible even if it is negative. Is this the right way to approach a presidential campaign?

Donald Trump brings new ideas into the campaign that have caught the attention of many. His honesty distinctly separates him from his opponents. A typical politician will say anything to please a crowd whether or not it is true. Trump does not refrain from voicing his opinions and this is surprisingly appealing to voters. According to NPR Politics, "Americans' level of trust in the federal government are at nearly the lowest levels on record." Because of this distrust, Trump contrasts the rest of the politicians and portrays himself in a better light. People want to place their votes towards a candidate who is true to his word and will get stuff done in office.  

People want a politician who will tell the truth and voice their opinion, but is Trump the right candidate for the role? His non-conformist ways are calling the attention of many now, but it will be interesting to see if this trend continues. Although many disagree with his statements, they stand out against the scripted responses of other candidates. He may be honest but his statements are too extreme for a Presidential role and have offended many. His statements to block all Muslims from entering the U.S. have been defined as unconstitutional but have received the support of almost two-thirds of voters in a Bloomberg poll (NPR Politics). I personally view his racial profiling statements as unjust and unnecessarily severe. President is a crucial role in government and it's important that voters take into account who they are voting for to fill the role. 

In class we discussed how nonconformist ideals tend to be more desirable. For example, we could not think of someone we admired for being a conformist. The actions and ideas of nonconformists set them apart from others make them exciting and different. I believe this is what draws the attention to Trump. Americans want to vote for change, and Trump brings this change into the campaign. The nonconformist path he has taken during his campaign is what makes people want to vote for an "outsider."